4 Reasons Why You Struggle To Get Good Indoor Mobile Signal


Many individuals encounter difficulties in accessing a reliable mobile signal, especially when indoors. Given that 85% of mobile phone calls occur indoors, this issue can be exceptionally vexing.

Ensuring effective in-building mobile coverage hinges on maintaining an uninterrupted signal from mobile network masts. Mobile signals are transmitted from these masts via radio frequency signals (RFs), which can be obstructed or weakened by various factors.

Outlined below are the primary reasons why individuals face challenges with poor indoor mobile connectivity:

  1. Distance from Mobile Towers: The farther one is from a mobile tower, the weaker the signal becomes as it travels a greater distance. In rural or remote areas, where there are fewer mobile towers, natural obstructions exacerbate connectivity issues. However, urban areas also experience signal blockages due to man-made structures.
  2. Terrain: The topography of the surrounding area significantly affects indoor mobile signal strength. Mountains, hills, trees, and other natural barriers can absorb or obstruct the mobile signal, especially if the mast is situated on elevated ground.
  3. Weather Conditions: Adverse weather, such as storms or thick fog, can disrupt mobile signals by absorbing or dispersing them.
  4. Construction Materials: Structures made of materials like brick, concrete, or metal can impede mobile signal transmission, posing a significant challenge to indoor coverage.

Improving Indoor Mobile Signal:

Fortunately, if there’s mobile signal available outside your home or building, a mobile signal booster can enhance indoor coverage. Cel-Fi smart signal boosters offer a cost-effective solution that’s quick to install and provides stable voice and data connections.

Cel-Fi boosters utilize the external signal, captured by a reception antenna, and amplify it using a signal booster. The enhanced signal is then transmitted to internal rebroadcast antennas strategically placed throughout the building.

Importantly, Cel-Fi products are the only mobile signal boosters on the market that are license-exempt and fully compliant with regulatory requirements. Contact us!

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