Case Studies

Ben Pearson, North London, UK

Even corporations, businesses, foundations, programs and others, experience poor mobile signal strength, either occasionally or consistently.  This makes it very problematic to conduct normal business measures, (B2B), such as those that Ben Pearson of North London, handles in the running of his big charity office, the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award expeditions in North Wales.  The regular capacity in his office is that is has no mobile signal availability anywhere in the building, but he has noticed the situation changes about some 50 metres down the road.  The important work that the charity does is impaired by the lack of mobile phone communication.  This not only slows down some of the program initiatives, it has on occasion, stalled them completely.  This is not an acceptable way to do business for Ben, and he is actively searching for a remedy.

Ben Webb, London, UK

A small business owner, Ben Webb from London, is quite irate with the poor signal inside of his store. He has had many frustrating conversations with his major cell phone provider, to no avail. They have explained to him many times
over, that there is nothing they can do for his problem, because of the steel roof. He even went as far as to threaten to move to a different carrier if they couldn’t improve his mobile phone service. His present provider stated that every other company would not be able to do any better because of the building material used on his roof. Whenever he needs to make business calls or texts, he needs to step outside to do so. He would like to have sufficient signal inside of his store, so that he can take orders and contact customers. Ben is getting more upset by the day, in fact, every time he tries to make another phone call that gets “dropped”, he said he “sees red”!

Case Study – Brian Sunders, London, UK

Brian enjoys living in his London, UK, flat, but has had weak signal issues since the time he moved in. He took his problem to his major mobile service provider, but they could offer no solution to his frustrating dilemma. Because of his home’s location, they suggested that he go out of doors to make his calls, since the signal was just a bit stronger than when he attempted to make them inside. He discovered that when his friends came over, they had the same issues, even though they used different cell providers than Brian’s. He decided to do some further research on his own, and went on the internet. He read through many similar testimonials until he arrived at one that practically mirrored his own. His medium sized home seemed to be the actual “real” problem. His thick brick walls were literally that, a “brick wall” to his receiving adequate signal strength to power his smart phone and tablet. He barely had “one bar” of service when indoors, and it frequently dipped lower and dropped his calls altogether. Brian liked where he lived and didn’t want to move to a different location or in a different type of building. He simply wanted to make complete calls and use his tablet for his social media, without having to step outside, or need to do it from elsewhere, other than from his own home.

Case Study – David Parsons, Rural Wales

David Parsons is so upset with his poor mobile phone signal that he has gone to dangerous extremes to make his calls. It has been noted that some people will do almost anything to get enough signal strength for their phone, but David has reached a new “low” as to how far he will go. He explained that he very social and needs to be on his mobile for a few hours a day, talking to friends and family all over the UK, since he doesn’t live near them. His rural Wales home is far away from cell towers, resulting in his low signal power. He likes his provider, EE, but hasn’t had any help from them to solve his dilemma. He also wondered if perhaps his phone, an iPhone SE is part of the problem, but he is able to use this phone when he is at work, without incident. He feels as if he has exhausted all ideas on how to improve the strength of his signal. He states that he has no signal at all inside his house, but he can usually get it by hanging out of the upstairs windows. Sometimes he is able to access 3G, and other times, 4G. He can achieve a level of 2 to 4 bars, when he does this. He also discovered a particular spot on his roof, where his signal improves, when he crawls there to use his phone.

Case Study – Diana Johnstone, Wellington

Diana Johnstone, moved to a new area and now has signal problems with her mobile phone. Her provider is BT Mobile and she has called them to report her new dilemma. She did not experience this in her previous residence, in a different part of the country. When she spoke to a BT Mobile agent, they suggested she check online for our website, “”, and obtain a signal booster from us to enhance her signal. They currently have withdrawn their own device they were selling, and didn’t want to leave her to be an “unsatisfied customer”. She was grateful they had a suggestion for her that might work, since there was nothing else they could personally do to help her. Diana had always enjoyed decent signal strength with them at her old residence before, and the problem only started once she had moved to Wellington. She misses the great connectivity she used to have and was getting perturbed by the amount of dropped calls she now had. She had high hopes to regain it, by following their suggestion.

Case Study – Dominic Whittaker

Many businesses deal with very slow internet service due to location, just like Dominic Whittaker. He told us that the mobile tower close to his office has only “E” services for the internet, but he is really wanting 4G LTE capability. Unfortunately, the availability of that is in the nearest city, almost 40 miles away from his village. He has done some research on the problem and realizes they are in a poor area for reception purposes. He said that “his internet dongle only picks up EDGE and very rarely gets a signal for mobile phones”. He would like to purchase a cell phone signal repeater, but is in a quandary of which would work best for his needs. He knows he will require more than just the basic model, due to the size of his office and the various networks that his employees use for the mobile phones, on which they make business calls. He checked online at “” to determine which signal booster to get. When he couldn’t decide, he called the customer service department to get a technical agent to help him.

Case Study – Paul Gilby, Birchwood

We received an email from Paul Gilby of Birchwood, asking for our help. He wrote, “Good day. I have a hotel in a remote area that is in the shadow of a hill. I can only get 4G service about 300 meters away from the hotel, which doesn’t help me when I and my guests are inside of it. Also, my download speeds are generally 32 MBS, but they are inconsistent and I would like faster speeds. What can I do to improve both services? I’ve tried several other avenues first, but I have had no luck with them. Changing providers cost me ‘an arm and a leg’ and did nothing to solve my problems. Purchasing a newer phone didn’t fix anything for me personally, either. Can a signal booster solve my problems? Is there one large enough that offers coverage for my entire hotel?”

Case Study – Richard Davies

Older buildings and homes that are built with various materials sometimes present difficulties with internet and mobile phone signals, due to these materials. One such homeowner, Richard Davies, contacted us after finding our website “” online. His home in Calne, has a thick, stone wall in between the living area and kitchen. He was considering acquiring a booster to place midway, between these two areas of his house. He had inconsistent and weak signal strength, in the places where he usually made his phone calls. He was wondering which signal repeater would be ideal for his situation.

Case Study – Richard Williamson

Business owner, Richard Williamson just relocated his company to an area where he and his staff regularly experience poor signal. He has checked with his carrier map for areas that have coverage for 4G signal, and is disappointed that there is nothing for him. On occasion, he does get 3G signal in certain parts of the building, but it is sporadic. His voice signal is even worse than the data signal. He reached out to ask if a booster would help with 3G and voice service for his whole office, though he would really like to have 4G service instead.

Case Study – Shaun Carvill, London, UK

A satisfied customer, Shaun Carvill, previously purchased a signal booster for his London office a few months ago. He had no difficulties installing it and has been getting great results. Since he is experiencing such a positive outcome to his past low signal issues, he wishes to obtain one for his elderly mum. He wonders if she will get the same results since she lives in a rural area in Wales. His mother is easily frustrated with her dropped calls and feels helpless to fix the problem by herself. Shaun told his mother about his successful solution to his own low signal issues that he had at work, and how he always has satisfactory signal strength now, to make all his calls on his mobile phone. Obviously, he wants to help her, and questions whether her rural location will prove more difficult for a repeater to enhance her signal there.