The Complete Guide to Mobile Phone Signal Boosters



My name is Arry and I’m the representative of . Before I
get into the “How To Pick The Right Signal Booster Without Overpaying a Penny,” I’d
just like to take a minute of your precious time to say “thank you.”

I understand the subject of signal boosters might not be of the greatest interest to
read about… but… I think you’ll agree with me when I say…

Every Intelligent Person Shall Make Sure His Purchase Is Worth The Price
He Pays For The Product!

Especially when the matter concerns a device upon which depends your everyday
“connectivity” with the world. You wouldn’t blindly pick a smartphone or a laptop,
would you? I don’t think you would. The same goes for choosing signal boosters
which at best can serve you up to 20 years. Thus, the more informed you are the
easier it will be for you to pick the signal booster to precisely meet your needs…
among scores of different models.

Now, before we move on, let me clarify just one more thing. There’s a chance, you
might be skeptically thinking,

“Why would a company selling mobile boosters
educate people on how to get a booster at the best
price possible?!” I

I know I would be skeptical for sure.

But the truth is, we have a pretty simple reason for doing so.

It’s this:

We believe, that if you’re 100% satisfied with your booster, you might tell your friends,
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Now, that we’ve made this clear, we can move straight to the purpose of this report:

Help You Choose THE Right Booster!

Let’s start off with some basic info on what a signal booster is. You might be already
familiar with this device. Regardless, I still strongly recommend you read this section,
as I’m going to reveal some crucial insights on how to make an educated purchase
and prevent you from…

Winding Up With An Expensive “Toy” You Don’t Need!

As you can guess from its name, a signal booster amplifies the strength of your voice
and internet data signals (2g, 3g, 4g). In aggregate, these signals are called mobile
signals. So, in the future, whenever we refer to a ‘mobile signal’ just bear in mind, we
mean both voice and internet data signals

A signal booster is not a single unit. Instead, it’s composed of 4 constituent units which
form the signal booster.

These units are:

  1. Outside antenna – Mounted on the roof or side of the building. It serves to
    communicate the signal from the cell tower (your carrier’s cell site which fails
    to provide you with a mobile signal of a sufficient strength.) After it captures
    the signal from the cell tower, the outside antenna broadcasts it to the internal
  2. Internal Antenna – Installed indoors, the internal antenna receives the signal
    communicated by the outside antenna and transmits it to the booster unit.
  3. Booster Unit – The booster unit receives the signal from the internal antenna
    and amps it up to provide a strong signal to the perimeter of your choice.
  4. Coax cable- The coax cable connects all the booster’s units with each other
    Now, that

Now, that we’ve established what a mobile booster is, we come to the most important
question which is:

Do you really need a booster?

To answer this question let’s first understand if you really need a signal booster. And
if you do… which booster best suits your needs. To do this you have to assess the
strength of the current signal.

Most of the articles on the net will recommend you determine the strength of your
signal based on the number of bars on the upper right corner of your phone display.
The problem with this method is that the ‘bar’ graph representation varies widely
between phone models, device brands and operating systems. Given that you’re
about to shell out some money to buy a device to boost your signal…

You’d Best Be 100% Sure You Need A Booster In The
First Place!

5bars mobile signal strength
1 bar mobile signal strength
4 bars mobile signal strength
2 bars mobile signal strength
3 bars mobile signal strength

A much more precise way to measure signal
strength is to read your phone’s decibels. I know this
sounds ‘techy’. But don’t worry. There’s really
nothing complicated to it. For your convenience, I’ve
outlined the steps you have to take to measure your
phones decibels below. Depending on your phone’s
operational system (android/IOS,) it’ll take you from
30-60 seconds to determine your signal strength in

Okay, so decibels (dBM) are the standard unit for
measuring signal strength. They are mostly
expressed in negative numbers (e.g. -85dBM.) The
closer the dBM number is to zero, the stronger the
signal. Five bars on a phone’s display usually
represent a signal strength of -65dBM

You have to navigate your device’s menu to find out
how many decibels of a signal your phone receives.
I’ll show you how in a second.

But before you conduct this test, you must first exit
the facility you want to install the booster in. You see,
the signal strength you’re getting on the inside
doesn’t matter. Because, even if you don’t have a
single signal bar indoors, but your phone displays at
least one stable signal bar on the outside… it’s
enough for the external antenna to detect it. Receive
it. And transmit it further to your internal antenna for your booster to amp up the signal
and spread it across its coverage area.

Once again, make sure to go outside before conducting each of these tests.

Below are the instructions on how to check signal strength on Android and IOS operating

Measuring Signal Strength On Android

Please note that finding the dBm menu screen
varies across device manufacturers, phone models
and versions of Android OS. The typical navigation
sequence is:

Settings –> About Phone –> Status (or Network)
On this screen, view Signal Strength (or Network
Type and Strength).

An alternate navigation sequence for some Android
phones is:

Settings –> More Options (or More Settings) –>
About Phone –> Mobile Networks
On this screen, view Signal Strength.

measuring signal strength on android

Measuring Signal Strength on IOS 9

If you’ve updated your iPhone to iOS 9, follow the
instructions directly below. These instructions are
specific to iOS 9. If you’re using an earlier version of
iOS, you’ll find the Test Mode access instructions are
further down below.

  1. Dial *3001#12345#*
  2. Press CALL
  3. Hold the power button for about 5-7 seconds
    until you see the “slide to power off” screen
  4. Do NOT power off the phone!
  5. Hold the home button (round button at the
    bottom) for about 5-7 seconds.
  6. It will return you to the home screen and the
    decibel reading will be at the top of your screen.
measuring signal strength on IOS

Measuring The Signal Strength on Earlier Versions Of IOS

The instructions below have worked for iPhone 5
models and newer up until the iOS 9 release.

  1. Go to Settings, then Cellular
  2. Turn OFF the LTE.
  3. From your phone keypad,
    dial *3001#12345#* and press the CALL

Your screen will first show “Test Mode,” after which
and the dBm reading (as a negative number) will
display in the upper left side of your screen.

Did you measure your phones decibels? You did? Good. N ow we can forge ahead
and adress the next question, which is…

Do You Need an Extra Boost?

You see, there are two kinds of booster packages:
standard boost and extra-power boost.

the standard booster s suited for you if you have a
signal strength range from -95 to – 68 dBM (3-5 signal

The -95 to – 68 dBM outside signal is considered pretty
strong… well, if you have a booster of course.

You see, If there’s indeed an outdoor signal, the outside
antenna will easily detect it… receive it… and broadcast it
to the internal antenna. The internal antenna, will in turn
transmit the easting 3-5 bar strength signal to the
booster. The latter will amp it up and spread the reinforced signal across the entire
perimeter, thus giving you a reliable mobile connection.

Coverage range of the signal
amplified with signal booster

The Extra-Power Boost Package included in the package are more powerful
than those found in the standard package. Namely, these units are designed to detect
and amplify even the weakest outside signals (even of one single bar). Extra-power
boost package is suited for you if your outside signal strength varies between -110 to
-95 dBM signal bars.

In this case, retailers will strongly insist you purchase an extra power boost package.

And a lot of people unfamiliar with the signal boosting, will follow the
recommendation and end up with an expensive ‘toy’ they don’t really need… and… the
reason they for that is simple:

They Don’t Know The Insider Signal Boosting Secret
I’m About To Share With You!

Buyers of these powerful packages don’t know that in some cases when the signal
strength varies between 2-3 bars (-113 to -95 Dbm), their needs may actually be
satisfied by a standard package which costs substantially less than a powerful one.

But, there’s a catch: Between the standard package and the extra-boost package
there’s a small intermediate power gap. And you can leverage that gap to boost a 2-3
bar signal using the standard package without having to purchase the whole extrapower
one. But it’s not enough to be aware of the presence of that gap to leverage it
to your benefit. You have to actually know exactly how to do that.

And I’m going to show you how:

If you realize that your signal needs a greater boost than the standard package can
deliver but you still don’t need all the signal enhancement opportunities offered only
by the power-package … then… simply order a standard package but ask the retailer
to pack it up with a…

Yagi Antenna!

A Yagi is basically an outside antenna like the one we discussed earlier, but, it’s far
more powerful and can detect even the weakest signals the standard outside
antenna can’t. A Yagi antenna is included by default in the extra boost package.

But you can order a standard package and ask to replace the default standard
antenna by Yagi and pay far less than you would if you ordered the entire powerpackage.
So basically, in this scenario… you’re getting a standard package only with

Much More Powerful Outside Antenna!

At our shop (, you’ll find a little check box underneath the
order form which says ‘include Yagi antenna’. Be sure to check it in case you need to
amplify a 2-3 bar outside signal. But, be aware! If you buy a signal booster and do not
check the ‘include Yagi antenna’ box and later discover you needed one, it will cost
you more to buy it than if you just checked the ‘include Yagi’ box.

Know Your Frequencies

Have you ever wondered how your phone receives the services your carrier’s
services? Well, the answer to that one is rather simple. That is…

Radio Waves

Radio waves are broadcast at certain frequencies. Take radio stations for example.
Each radio station operates at a certain frequency. To listen to a given radio show you
have to tune your radio to the frequency it’s being broadcast at (e.g. 103.3fm, 65.5fm,

But what does all of this have to do with signal boosters?

Here’s what:

All carrier services – be it 3g, 4g or voice – are transmitted to your phone through good,
old radio waves at a certain frequency.

To enhance the signal, the booster has to operate at the exact same frequency at
which your carrier delivers the signal you want to boost.

For example:

Vodafone supports 3g at a frequency of 2100mhz. So, to enhance Vodafone’s 3G
signal your signal booster should then operate at the same frequency of 2100mhz

Another example: O2 supports voice signal at the 1200mhz frequency. To enhance
the voice signal delivered by O2 your booster also has to operate at 1200mhz.

Moreover, there are types of boosters which support more than one frequency.
They’re called dual (support two frequencies) and tri-band (support three
frequencies) boosters. They provide you with two or three separate frequencies
allowing you to enhance signals of two different services if those are broadcasted on
the same frequencies as those supported by your booster.

For example, a dual band booster can enhance both your phone’s voice and 3g signal.
While tri-band will power up your 3g, 4g and voice signals. You can also pick a dual
or tri-band booster if you need to enhance the signal of a device supported by
different mobile operators (operating on different frequencies.)

Okay, so much about boosters. By now you should feel confident about picking the
right booster. Because… you already have all the information you’ll ever need to make
an educated purchase.

Now, dear reader, let me deliver on the second part of the promise the title of this
report implied:

How To Get A Cutting-Edge Mobile Booster Without
Overpaying A Penny!

We’ll surely going to break down this question too… in a minute. But for now, let me
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