Tesco Mobile Signal Boosters

Tesco Mobile was introduced in 2003 and is a Virtual Network provider just like Virgin Mobile. But unlike Virgin Mobile Tesco Mobile runs on O2 network in the UK. O2 own 10% of the Tesco Mobile ownership. It supports Voice calls services except that of call diverting and conference calling. It offers Pay Monthly and Sim only customer services and provide 99% coverage UK (Coverage are of O2) in all across the UK.

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They have an award winning customer care services and reasonable demand in the market. Being a Tesco Mobile customer you’ll need a Tesco Mobile Booster compatible to O2 networks and this is the place where you will get it. We have qualified standard and properly tested products for O2 that evidently serves for Tesco Mobile operators. So either you want a single band frequency booster or multiple band Tesco mobile phone signal booster we have it all. We offer efficient Tesco Mobile Phone Boosters with a generous warranty and 24x7 available customer support guarantee.

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