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Dual Band Signal Booster Voice & 4G LTE – 1000 sq.m. (Power Line)

(EE / O2 / Vodafone / Tesco / Virgin)

2 Band
Coverage: Up to 1000 sqm
Ideal for:
BT Mobile Signal Boosters
EE Mobile Signal Boosters
Giff Gaff Signal Boosters
O2 Mobile Signal Boosters
Orange Mobile Signal Boosters
T-Mobile Signal Boosters
Talk Talk Signal Boosters
Three Mobile Signal Boosters
Virgin Mobile Signal Boosters
Vodafone Signal Boosters
900/1800 MHz
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Benefits and Features:

  • Instant Signal Boost of up to 5 bars
  • CE & RoHS ISO Certified Product
  • Easy Installation
  • Fast Data Download
  • 2 -Year Warranty

Imagine a world without dropped calls. Sound too good to be true? This Dual Band Signal; Booster for Voice and 4G from our Power Line series is here to bring you coverage Nirvana. With 1000 m² of coverage, it’s one of the longest range signal repeaters on the market. It boosts Voice and 4G signals in the 900/1800MHz frequency allowing compatibility with BT, EE, GiffGaff, O2, Orange, T-Mobile, TalkTalk, Virgin Mobile and Vodafone. Automatic and manual controls offer exceptional signal stability. If you’re looking for a high power signal repeater to provide superlative coverage in hotels, warehouses, corporate offices or farmland, this booster is the cream of the crop.

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£ 765

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Kit includes:

  • 1x repeater
  • 1x outdoor LPDA antenna
  • 1x indoor ceiling antenna
  • 1x power adapter
  • 1x 15 meters cable
  • 1x 5 meters cable
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This marvel of engineering is made to provide 1000 m² of sterling voice coverage for up to 100 people. It uses our enhanced Power Line technology to boost signals of just 1 or 2 bars into instant 5-Bar coverage for networks in the 900/1800MHz frequency. The kit comes to a powerful Yagi Antenna and is designed for durability in extreme environments—meaning that it can be installed absolutely anywhere in the UK, and quite far out at sea. Plus, it offers both automatic and manual controls for perpetual signal stability. It’s the complete kit for some of the most powerful coverage in the country.

Despite its complex technology, this signal repeater is incredibly easy to set up. With our quick and easy instruction guide, you’ll have this force of nature up and running within 15 minutes. Problems? Our customer service professionals are available 24/7 to help you with any issues.

With a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and 2-Year Warranty, this Dual Band Signal Booster is guaranteed to live up to its high credentials.



(sq. m.)

Place to use Operator Frequency

Users Supporting Simultaneously

Up to 1000 sq.m.  

Small Hotel

Large Home

Other large areas

BT (2G & 4G)

EE (2G & 4G)

Virgin (2G & 4G)

GiffGaff (2G & 3G)

O2 (2G & 3G)

Talk Talk (2G & 3G)

Vodafone (2G & 3G)

Three (4G)

T-Mobile (2G & 4G)

Orange (2G & 4G)

900 / 1800 100


Down-link Voltage Size


824~ 849 MHz

1710-1780 MHz

869~ 894 MHz

1805-1880 MHz

AC:90~265V, 50/ 60Hz;DC:5V/ 4A 300 x 170 x 50mm 3.8 kg.

Technical Specifications:

Specification Uplink Downlink Bandwidth
GSM/UMTS 900MHz 890-915 MHz 935-960 MHz 25 MHz
GSM/DCS, 4G/LTE 1800MHz 1710-1780 MHz 1805-1880 MHz 75 MHz
Max Gain 70dB 70dB
Ripple in Band ≤5dB
Max. Input Power Without Damage 0dBm
Output Power 20dBm 22dBm
Noise Figure @ max. gain ≤6db ≤6db
Return loss ≤-8 dB
Auto Level Control ≥20dBm
MGC 31db@1dB/step
Time Delay ≤0.5 μs
MTBF > 50000 hours
Power Supply AC:110~240V, 50/ 60Hz; DC 5V6A
Power Consumption ≤20W
Impedance 50 Ω
RF Connector N -Female
Cooling Heat sink Convection cooling
Dimensions (L x W x H) 300 x 170 x 50mm
Weight 3.8 KG
Installation Type Wall Installation
Environment Conditions IP40
Humidity <90%
Operating Temperature -10°C ~ 55°C
Led Signal Indication explanation:
LED Status
Band 1 UL/P If the light is light then there are no phone calls in the coverage area or cell phone does not contact BTS.
Band 2 UL/P If the light is red then there is a phone call in the coverage area, or cell phone contacts BTS periodically
Band 3 UL/P The constant RED light indicates System Warning. The repeater works in abnormal state or is self -oscillating.
Band 1 DL/P If the light is dark then the amplified signal output power does not reach lighting threshold. Output power is ≤ 10dBm. This means the repeater works at small power output state
Band 2 DL/P The green light means that the amplified signal output power reaches lighting threshold. The repeater works in good amplification state. The repeater works in good amplification state.
Band 3 DL/P Red or Orange light means that the repeater works in best amplification state, output power reaches maximum

Product FAQ:

How do I determine the best place to set up my booster?

How many users will one booster support?

Should I check the location of my network provider’s nearest tower?

How can I check if the booster will work for me?

How It Works:

4.64 out of 5 based on 22 customer ratings
12 customer reviews

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  1. Verified Buyer

    5 out of 5


    I have had 2 or 3 boosters over the years but i have to say this one is without a doubt the best as yet .I set this up in mins and on plugging it in i had full signal all over the yard we work from .Signal down here without a booster is more or less none 1 bar if standing on the roof .Everything i was told would happen happened i got this within a few days like promised i never leave reviews as a rule but i felt as if this booster ive bought should be spoke about as it could help others like myself BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE

  2. Verified Buyer

    5 out of 5

    Note- only for small spaces

    Don't buy this and think it's going to boost signal through your whole house. Read it carefully. It's only going to cover a small space, so have realistic expectations.

  3. Verified Buyer

    4 out of 5

    Solution for mobile plumber

    I'm an independent plumber with a mobile business and I only use my mobile as my contact number. That's fine when I'm out and about but when at home I kept missing calls until I got this amplifier. My income has substantially increased since getting it.

  4. Verified Buyer

    4 out of 5

    Only a small change

    If I saw the words "Emergency Calls Only" on my phone one more time I was going to scream. I got this booster and although I now only get one bar, that’s enough to make sure that I don't miss any important calls.

  5. Verified Buyer

    5 out of 5

    Difficult to understand instructions

    Really struggled to set this up and had to draft in a friend to help me out. He's an engineer luckily so he deciphered the installation instructions and got me up and running. Once it was sorted I was pleased with the result.

  6. Verified Buyer

    5 out of 5

    Great for those who work at home

    I work from my own home and I have to say that this signal booster has made a great difference in my life, it allows me to access web pages much faster which is neccesary for my job

  7. Verified Buyer

    5 out of 5

    Consistent connection

    The connection between my phone and the signal booster seems constant as I always have maximum signal

  8. Verified Buyer

    4 out of 5

    Had for months

    Bought this product months ago, loved every second of use, always have enough signal to do everything I need to

  9. Verified Buyer

    5 out of 5

    Works perfectly

    Works like an absolute charm, never drops below 3 bars

  10. Verified Buyer

    5 out of 5

    Works great

    Lets me use my phone where it did not work before

  11. Verified Buyer

    4 out of 5

    You Can Hear Me Now!!

    I live in a rural area so cellular signal is very limited. I purchased boosters for both the home and car. Signal now is excellent. When I installed the home booster, I had a small issue with setting it up. I called the customer support number and actually spoke to someone who knew what they were talking about. Also I wasn't placed on hold for an extended period of time listening to 'elevator music'. The representative was able to walk me through the issue. Within a matter of minutes, I was up and running.

  12. Verified Buyer

    5 out of 5

    Perfect thing

    Don't like to review so soon after installing, but system seems to be working properly. Still need to fine tune a little, but have been able to use phone everywhere in house except basement. Will give proper review after a few months of use.