The Ultimate Guide To Mobile Signal Boosters

Reasons for poor phone reception

Poor mobile reception affects everyone at some point and can be troublesome, especially when crucial calls are disrupted or video conferences experience freezing. Before addressing the issue, it’s essential to comprehend its origins. What causes inadequate reception can vary significantly, with some factors within our direct influence and others beyond it.


Outlined above are the primary factors responsible for your diminished mobile signal reception. Now, let’s explore how these elements can impact your device.

A mobile signal functions as a radio wave with a specific frequency, capable of covering considerable distances. Nevertheless, significant physical barriers and disruptions can attenuate the signal, leading to inconvenience.

How are 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G different? A short guide to signal types

All these signal types, in reality, are telecommunication technologies of different generations. Let’s see how they work for your mobile internet.

How to locate a phone tower near me?

If you are experiencing weak reception in an unfamiliar area, one of the best ways out is to manually reconnect to the nearest cell phone tower. For locating that tower, you can use a special app on your mobile device. These apps are typically catering to a specific operating system ( iOS or Android), or can be used by both. After you locate the tower, you might need to connect to it manually, using the settings on your phone.

What Is A Mobile Signal Booster?

You might have heard of this device under a different name. It is called a mobile phone signal booster, a mobile signal repeater, or an amplifier. This device will immediately boost your poor signal (voice, 3G and 4G). These devices are compatible with all local carriers and completely safe to use, as they are built according to all the necessary safety regulations.

When in doubt about owning a mobile repeater, remember, the perks come in bulk. However here are a few main points to highlight the most useful advantages:

  • It will work with all major UK providers
  • Pay once – enjoy for years
  • Independence from LAN and Wifi
  • It works well with all mobile devices – phones, hotspots, laptops, tablets, etc.

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When do you know you need a mobile signal booster?

Reception issues can arise amidst the hustle of an urban street or within the tranquility of a rural cabin. Having a signal booster can be advantageous for individuals at both ends of the spectrum.

For those aiming to amplify their mobile signal, a booster stands out as a permanent and foolproof solution. A one-time setup is all it takes – and there you have it! Enjoy seamless video chats!

If you manage to catch a decent signal outdoors but experience poor signal quality inside your home, office, or even on your boat, a phone booster is the ideal solution. It effortlessly strengthens and stabilizes your signal.

Whether you’re contending with dropped voice calls, seeking improved video streaming and browsing on 3G, desiring faster downloads and robust connections on 4G, or gearing up for the transformative potential of 5G, there are signal boosters crafted to meet your specific needs.

How Does A Mobile Phone Booster Work?

If you are wondering how this device functions, the principles behind its work are simple enough to understand.

Any phone signal booster has three main parts: the outdoor antenna, the amplifier unit, and the indoor antenna.

How to improve mobile signal strength in five steps?

  • The outdoor antenna catches the signal coming from the mobile tower.
  • The signal goes through a coaxial cord and reaches the amplifier unit
  • The amplifier enhances the signal.
  • The stronger signal travels through another coaxial cord to the indoor antenna
  • The Indoor antenna transmits the new, strong signal to cover a certain area.

Does a mobile phone signal booster really work?

Of course!

If your outdoor signal is strong, the booster will be able to improve mobile phone signal and you can enjoy a fast connection anywhere within the designated area of the booster. It’s worth noting that the booster cannot generate the signal, it simply amplifies the signal coming in from the tower.

An important note that can reflect on signal quality. For both antennas to work properly without creating interference, you need to place them at a distance from one another. This way you’ll get a consistent quality signal without the disturbances.

Sort of

In case the criteria mentioned above are not met and the antennas don’t have enough distance from one another, there might be interference, and as a result, the signal will still suffer. This means the mobile repeater still works, but you don’t feel the better signal only because of the wrong antenna positioning.

No, sorry

If you find yourself in this category, the most important question to ask is do you have a stable signal strength outside? If you don’t, the outdoor antenna can’t catch it, hence the amplifier can’t enhance it. As we’ve said before, the mobile signal repeater does not create the signal. Only makes strengthens the one you have outside.

Does a phone signal booster work in rural or remote areas?

Wondering how to enhance your phone signal in a forest cabin or boost it at home when you’re far from the tower? These are common inquiries, and we’re here to provide solutions.

The primary challenge in rural and remote areas lies in the distance from the tower. An impactful yet substantial measure involves urging your provider to install a cell tower in your vicinity. While this process may take time and involve paperwork, it has been successfully implemented before.

If that option proves impractical, there are specific types of boosters tailored to address this distance-related issue. When the signal experiences fluctuations, a robust device becomes essential for optimal reception.

Statistics reveal that a significant portion of individuals investing in a mobile signal booster for home resides in rural areas.

Will a mobile booster work for my home?

That depends on the device and the conditions your house is in. Before choosing a home signal booster, please fill out our form and we will get in touch to discuss your requirments

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