Everything You Need To Know About
Signal Boosters To Get Rid Of Your Poor Signal Problem…
Once And For All!
Are you suffering from a poor mobile signal connection?
  • At your rural house
  • Corporate or home office
  • Basement
  • Warehouse
  • Or any other kind of establishment?
If so, there’s a high chance we at “MSB” can help you resolve your poor connectivity problem… and do it once and for all… or your money back!

Here's why:

Regardless of your cell phone’s model, operating system (Android or iOS), mobile carrier… regardless of the mobile service you want to boost (voice, 3g or 4g)… a mobile signal booster is really your simple, one-stop, sure-fire solution. This is not a bold talk. At the moment x people in all across the UK use this device to rid

Read on to see for yourself...

Everything You Need To Know About To Make An EDUCATED Buying Decision!

Then, after you see what the signal booster is, and how it can provide you an immediate solution to poor connectivity… I will make you an offer. A no-risk offer - objectively the best one on the market.

Let’s get started:

A signal booster is a device comprised of 3 units:

As you can see in the picture, the outside antenna gets attached to the highest point of the facility where you want to enhance your signal. It receives the signal coming from the nearest tower and transmits to the inside antenna.

The inside antenna conveys the signal to the booster unit. The booster unit amplifies that signal then spreads it to provide your phone with 5 full signal bars.

Now. For the booster to be able to amplify your signal you need to have at least 1 single signal bar OUTSIDE of the facility where you want to install your booster. To see whether you have 1 signal bar on the outside simply exit the facility and look at your display. If your phone shows at least 1 signal bar

You Can Have 5 Full Signal Bars Indoors!

You see, the signal booster does not create a signal (that would be illegal and could interfere with the frequencies used by mobile phone operators.) What it does instead is capture even the weakest signal of 1 bar coming from the nearest mast tower and repeats it. As a result the weak signal gets reinforced and supplies your phone with full connection. That’s the only condition for the booster to provide you with 5 full signal bars: to have at least 1 signal bar outdoors.

Now let’s talk about the installation of the


Signal boosters can be installed in just 15 minutes. No serviceman required. What you do is simply this:

1. Attach the external antenna to the highest point of the facility with poor signal and have it face the base station

2. Hang the internal antenna in the room or any area where you want to enhance your signal

3. Connect both of these units to the signal booster via a coax cable We went to great lengths to ensure the booster’s components blend in perfectly and seamlessly with your surroundings.

The size of the boosting unit is about 5 x 7 x 2 inches and it looks very similar to your internet modem router (the one you use to connect to the web.) There’s simply no way it’ll catch anyone’s eye. The internal antenna is disguised to look like a stylish wall night-light and… not only will it not spoil the overall ambiance but may actually add an elegant touch to it.

Anyhow, if you don’t want the units be in sight, you can hide both the internal antenna and the boosting unit in a closet or loft and still be getting 5 FULL BARS of signal strength on your phone. To make things even simpler for you the booster unit is equipped with an LED monitor. Its digital readout indicates whenever a problem with your booster occurs. All you have to do is press the little button on the booster’s interface and then follow the instructions appearing on the LED screen.

For example: if the outside antenna gets redirected due to wind or rain this message will appear on the digital readout: “Input signal weak: turn the outdoor antenna to the base station.”

Pretty simple right? Let’s move on. Anyhow, with all the simplicity of the installation… just to make sure you don’t experience any inconveniences whatsoever… we also offer free, live, 24/7 telephone support. During the call our qualified technician will offer you a hand-holding, simple walk through each step of the installation process.

What About After-Installation Support?

When you shop with us you’re entitled to a fully fledged lifetime support service whenever any problem whatsoever occurs with your booster. You can always call or email us to resolve any issue with a signal booster.

Our administrative office is located in the heart of London, Covenant Garden. All our specialists are trained to give you qualified, timely support in the most comprehensive, non-techy way possible.

How Long Can The Booster Serve You?

The signal booster doesn’t have a fixed life span. The fact is by and large signal boosters have been consistently providing 5 full signals bars to even our very first customers.

Take into account that we’ve been in business for years before getting online. Our oldest customers bought from us 11 years ago… and their boosters are still going strong…

Your Booster Could Easily… EASILY… Serve You For 10 Years And More!

We only offer you boosters of the finest quality and will always help you with any unforeseen problems that arise…

3-Years Warranty On Our Boosters!

If any part of your booster malfunctions in the 3-year period following purchase then just send the booster back and we’ll examine it and replace the broken part or… if necessary…

We’ll Replace The Entire Booster And Ship Back To You At Our Own Expense!

Divide the 3-year period by the cost of the average booster (£300) and you’re going to resolve your connectivity problem for good for just 27p a day!

And notice: that with just 27p a day you get to have your booster fixed or replaced over the period of whole 3 years!

And if that’s not enough to compel you to purchase a booster from us and resolve your poor signal issues once and for all… then in addition to a 3-year warranty…

That’s right! You get 3 full months to test your booster and see for yourself all the connectivity benefits it provides.

And Remember: if for any reason… or no reason at all… you aren’t 100% satisfied with your booster, you just send it back and get a full refund of every penny you spent with us!

So let’s sum up my offer… when you purchase the booster from us you get:

  • Free delivery
  • 3-years warranty
  • 24-7 telephone and email support
  • Low prices
  • Easy-To-Pick THE-RIGHT-Booster
Even More...
If you purchase a booster from us within the next 24 hours you will also get a...
EXTRA Signal Power Package For FREE!
10m coax cable
Omni ceiling antenna
Total Value 100£. Only at Mobile Signal Boosters

Omni ceiling antenna (£55) – This is an internal antenna (the unit which spreads the amplified signal.) But… it’s x4 times more powerful than the default indoors antenna coming with the standard booster package. Unlike the standard indoor antenna which spreads the signal at 180°… Omni-Ceiling-Antenna broadcasts the amplified signal at a wider range at a full 360° all around the location it’s installed in! Unlike our other customers… when YOU purchase a booster through this page you get The Omni-ceiling antenna worth £55 and its assertive components (worth £65)… as a bonus… COMPLETELY free!

Here’s what our other customers have to say:

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Robert Gibbons

"Prompt delivery, no problem. Once I had installed and powered up the equipment, which was easy, the screen readout told me there was a fault, due to the base unit being too close to the (outside) antenna, i.e. less than the recommended 15 metres. That was true - it was! I couldn't find any better position for it in my home-office. Nevertheless, I went ahead and used it and, somewhat to my surprise, the system worked perfectly! I now get excellent reception/transmission on 5 bars, in place of the previously flaky on-and-off 1 bar. So I'm a very happy customer!"

These people did a fabulous job. I would recommend them to anyone. Delivery time well exceeded my expatations. Product works perfect and greatly increases my cell signal. I went from 0 to 1 bar to a full signal. No more dropped calls and data is a lot more stable and faster.

Mathu Had
Josh Barlow

Thank you very much
Excellent online advice on which product would be the right one to go for. Signal booster arrived in a few days and we now have better telephone and internet in our basement than in the rest of the house!

Seamless from order to delivery.

George Edwards

Seamless from order to delivery.

Shirley Porter

I have been looking for a better reception at my house for years, now with mobile signal booster I have a better reception at my house since I live faraway from any carrier tower. This booster was easy to install , just a few minutes and now I have reception all around the house. The carriers offers something similar to this but it cost monthly fees, with this booster you buy , install and that's it , you have reception boost without any monthly fee. Make sure you install the divese close to a clear window.

Good job
Fast and efficient service. Does what it says on the tin!

Danny Willock

Good job
Fast and efficient service. Does what it says on the tin!

Billy Morrison

Excellent service from day 1 to receiving the goods. Quality piece of kit that works fantastic...10 out of 10.

Works Great
I took this out to an area that had no 4G at all originally. Turns out it gave me a stronger 4G signal than in my own house. I'm very pleased with this so far, and thinking about installing the same thing in the house.

Jake Anderson

Works Great
I took this out to an area that had no 4G at all originally. Turns out it gave me a stronger 4G signal than in my own house. I'm very pleased with this so far, and thinking about installing the same thing in the house.

Daren Cowell

Clear advice and simple buying process. Thank you.

So, this is truly a no-risk offer you simply can’t get anywhere else. You’re free to try if you want to. But you’ll only waste valuable time which is essential for you getting the Extra Signal Power Package

In addition, no other company selling boosters is so confident of the quality of their product to dare to put a full 3-year warranty on them. More than that, literally no other company will offer to deliver your order for free AND give you 3 full months to test your booster.

And Remember: if for any reason… or no reason at all… you aren’t 100% satisfied with your booster, you just send it back and get a full refund of every penny you spent with us!